My Approach

Beauty Imagined. Beauty Realized.

I am a student of beauty.  Beauty arouses the senses to an emotional level of pleasure and evokes in the perceiver a high degree of attraction.  This is achieved not by "chasing lines", or placing product on a whim. 

Beauty is mathematical.  I use the Science of beauty to achieve superior, natural outcomes in my patients.  I continue to be the only Provider in the State of Georgia to have been Certified in the BeautiPHIcation technique by its creator, Dr. Arthur Swift.

BeautiPHIcation allows me to maximize your beauty by respecting the natural ratios and proportions unique to your face.  This holistic aesthetic approach allows me to create harmony and balance, resulting in superior outcomes with natural, long lasting results.

I take pride in providing the most natural, superior results in all of my patients.

Individualized. Innovative. Cutting Edge.



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