Proportion and Harmony Through Injection

This is the evolution of Aesthetic medicine.  We are not aging in a vacuum.  Evidence and common sense dictate this to be true, yet the great majority of Aesthetic providers disregard this fact. The knowledge we possess, along with superior products, and elegant techniques allow us to approach the aging face in 3-dimensions. It is no longer good enough to “chase lines” and treat the symptoms of aging.  This approach is antiquated.  

The MagniPHI approach is the marriage of Science and Beauty.  The  Golden Means caliper is used to idealize and individualize treatment for each patient.  I am then able to prescribe a unique treatment involving multiple modalities applied to maximize each persons

inherent beauty.

MagniPHI is the progression of the groundbreaking technique, BEAUTIPHICATION™, developed by Dr. Arthur Swift.

A trend-setter in the rapidly developing field of cosmetic injectables, Dr. Swift has pioneered and trademarked a revolutionary approach to non-surgical facial enhancement: BEAUTIPHICATION™. 

Seeking beauty is not just about restoring youthfulness – it resides in pleasing facial proportions. BEAUTIPHICATION™ is an injection facial procedure that follows Leonardo Da Vinci’s mathematical principle of beauty and harmony through “divine” proportion. It is a medical application of the concept that ideal beauty might be a universal notion, provable by the mathematical concept of “phi” (the golden ratio) long used by artists and architects. 

A caliper measuring tool, similar to the one used by the Renaissance master,

maps out the injection of cosmetic injectables and dermal fillers (such as

injectable fillers and Botox®, to put things simply) with the precision necessary to enhance features and

restore smooth contours.

Mike Kelleher continues to be the only BeautiPHication Certified Aesthetic provider in Georgia.  Mike is able to maximize a person’s beauty potential by restoring symmetry, harmony and balance.



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