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Let's talk about Jeuveau

Ahhhh, NewTox. The campaign by Evolus to introduce the "newest" neuromodulator to the US market shines a light on the dark underbelly of the cosmetic industry. From introduction to release, this product has been sliding down the slippery slope of medical ethics, dragging providers along with it. To be clear, this of course is not a new product. Jeuveau, or Nabota (as it is knows outside of the US), is produced by the South Korean company, Dae Woong Pharmaceutical Co. LTD. Evolus is the distributor of the product, not the manufacturer. The only neuromodulator on the US market that is made by the actual company that sells it is Botox. Allergan has complete control of Botox from start to finish, all of the other neuromodulators are manufactured by another company and distributed by their respective distributor (ie Dysport(Galderma), Xeomin(Merz). Jeuveau initially raised the ire of ethical providers by inviting practitioners to a "release party" at a posh resort in Cancun, Mexico, an invent that was called out for its questionable ethics in the New York Times.

The issues that seems to be the most worrisome to me, currently, is this. The majority of practices that are providing this product have yet to actually pay for any product. The product that is being sold to the consumer, YOU!, has been given to the practices for free. These free 'samples" are being sold to the consumer at "discounted" prices as a trial. Lucky you. You pay for free product and the practice makes 100% profit as they trial it. Even more concerning, many practices that have gone "all in" on this product, have invested in this product, so they of course have a financial interest in pushing this product on their patients. I prefer to treat patients and recommend products to my patients that are the safest, best products, not by what product is going to fatten my wallet. But who am I. So be weary and aware.


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